Pokémon Festival

We heard of a Pokémon festival taking place in Incheon and decided that we should not miss it. Already from afar we saw a lot of smaller Pikatchu statues and people taking pictures with them.

Pokémon Festival Entrance
Entrance to the Pokémon festival

The festival itself took part in a shopping mall and was already running for a few weeks. The entire mall was decorated with Pokémon, mainly with Pikatchus. A more appropriate name probably would have been Pikatchu festival since almost no other Pokémon was there.

Pikatchus everywhere

Pikatchu statue
Pikatchu statue

During the day certain performances took place. One of them was a dance performance with Pikatchus that had the size of real humans.

Pikatchu dancing
Pikatchu dance performance

Another event was the Pikatchu parade during which the human-sized Pikatchus marched through the shopping mall, stopping every once in a while to give children (and adults) a chance to cuddle them and take photos.

Pikatchu parade
Pikatchu parade