Hwaseong Fortress

Relatively close to university, in the center of Suwon located is Hwaseong Fortress. It is a massively large construction consisting of several gates, other facilities and a very long wall. It is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and more than 200 years old. Inside, some buildings contains scenes that show how people used to live in the fortress. It also inhibits a very large garden and a few watchtowers.

Hwaseong scene Scene of how people used to live in the fortress

Some ceremonies are held in front of the main gate. In the ceremony we attended King Jeongjo was greeting his people.

Hwaseong ceremony Ceremony in front of the gate of the Hwaseong fortress

King Jeongjo even went to the audience and shook hands.

King Jeongjo King Jeongjo shaking hands

Around the fortress are also many other smaller old buildings, shops and parks. So it is a really interesting place to go on a weekend.