Jeju Island

After finishing our exams and before leaving South Korea, we decided to visit the famous Jeju Island in the South of South Korea. Flights were relatively cheap and it was easy to find accommodation. Jeju Island is really famous for its nature, waterfalls, beautiful beaches, sea food and black pigs.

Jeju Island
View from Jeju island

During our visit we went to one of the famous waterfalls and also went to a large beach.


Jeju Island beach
Beach on Jeju island

Jeju island is a vulcanic island and has many caves that originated from lava tubes. Today, the vulcano is not active anymore so that we took the opportunity to visit Manjanggul Cave which is about 7km long.


The stone structures inside the cave looked very interesting and even some small fake vulcanos were set up.

Fake vulcano
Fake vulcano in cave

Most of the time we spent walking around through the nature and eating Korean food. The island was very idyllic and definitely a must visit while being in Korea.