Korean Food

One of the things I enjoyed most during my time in Korea was the food. While a lot of food can be spicy, I did not have any problems with the spiciness. However, I think my favourite Korean dish was the Korean shaved ice cream - Bingsu. They come in some many different shapes and flavours! But also the other food I enjoyed very much. And the best part was that eating outside was quite affordable. Whenever I did not eat in the university’s cafeteria, I was eating in some restaurant close to university. During the past four months I tried a lot of different foods:

BBQ Korean BBQ

Tonkatsu Tonkatsu

chicken soup Ginseng chicken soup

Jjimdak Jjimdak

Gimbab Gimbab

Bingsu Bingsu

Grilled food

Sea food Lots of different sea food

I will certainly miss Korean food! :(