Trick Eye Museum

Located in Hongdae is the Trick Eye Museum. Besides the actual Trick Eye Museum it also inhibits a Love Museum and an Ice Museum.

The Love Museum had some funny exhibits but was rather small and not really worth the extra admission fee.

Love Museum
Some funny exhibits in the Love Museum

The actual Trick Eye Museum is an art gallery of 2D paintings that look 3D. Visitors can go “into” the paintings and interact with them. The museum also has a smartphone application that adds animations to the paintings.

Trick Eye Museum
3D paintings inside the Trick Eye Museum

There were a lot of paintings in many rooms and it took us at least an hour of taking pictures to get through them all. I know that there are many other museums exhibiting those kinds of paintings all over the world. At the end of the was a mirror labyrinth. A nice old lady that was cleaning there showed us the way through the labyrinth.

Next, we went into the Ice Museum which had many ice sculptures. There was also a slide made of pure ice. I recommend to only go inside this museum with a thick jacket because it was at least -6C.

Ice Museum
Ice Museum

At the end of the day I had some Green Tea Bingsu. Bingsu is Korean shaved ice and comes in many different varieties.

Green Tea Bingsu